The Delivery – Final

In today’s lesson we reviewed all completed film clips within our class and gave both positive and feedback (constructive criticism). Above is a link to my groups film. We looked at camera movement and shots within each film clip. The feedback received will help me with the making and filming of the next task, giving me opportunities to improve before my final piece. We were told that to improve we could have used the sound of police sirens at the end of our film to show that the parcel and car were involved to blow the car up and cause injury. The positive feedback was that the film had continuity and didn’t consist of any jump cuts or break the 180º rule.


The Delivery – Script and Editing

The Delivery

In today’s lesson we edited our film down to a minute using Final Cut Pro, made sure it had continuity and also wrote the script to fit the actions and dialogue of our final film edit. Editing the film was interesting as I had never made a film before or used the programme. We added a fade at the end of the film and also a title page when the scene first opened. I feel the editing went very well and it was interesting to see how it was done and it is intricate as every scene has to match up without jump cuts happening or continuity errors. I will take what I have learnt from the editing and use it in my final film project. Here’s the script made for our film.

The Delivery – Filming

In today’s lesson we filmed for our 1 minute film. We used the camera and tripod so tracking, panning and tilting was steady. We followed our storyboard plan which had helped us with the shots we needed to complete the shooting of our film. The weather was decent which allowed us to proceed with filming. Students around college would have made it hard for us to film but as we filmed during our media lesson, most people were in there lessons, with only a few walking around which we had to wait for to get a clear shot. We had to do a take on a part of the scene more then once so we could make sure when put together it had continuity and the scenes were to the best abilty of the ‘actor’. Tomorrow we will be editing, adding sound and writing our script using Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Scripped.

The Delivery

We were set a task for The Delivery and have to make a 1 minute film, involving a package or delivery of some sort. Working in groups we had to come up with a storyboard to suit this task including anything we wished as long as it matched this brief. Our take on The Delivery is… a phone call is received from a lady asking a regular man to deliver a hidden package for her. The rest of the 1 minute film is spent following this man as he accepts the mission. We intend to engage the audience through camera angles and pleonastic sound. Last lesson we made an animatic of our storyboard using FinalCut Pro which allowed us to add transitions and cuts to our storyboard to make it identical to what we wished our film to look like. Over the next few lessons we will be using to make our script for the film, begin filming around Havant College and then editing the film.

Fireworks – Script


By logging into I was able to complete my first script. This was an experimental copy of an extended scene from Life on Mars to get me used to the format and style of a script. The scene original scene involved a man named Colin and had been taken in for questioning at a police station. He has been defended by his social worker and our task was to follow on from this scene, changing the setting to outside the drop in centre. The scenes had to match up so we had to involve a group of children tormenting Colin with fireworks, before him being taken in to the drop in centre. The typeface used was courier and this is always used when writing scripts. I was able to insert the charaters, INT/EXT, actions, dialogue and scene heading. This helped introduced me to the basics of script writing which I will need in the future when doing my coursework, and other tasks.

Welcome :)

Hello, I’m Kate Williams and I’m 17. I’m currently studying at Havant College. I have chosen Media Studies along with English Literature and Language, Geography and Photography as I want to be a Journalist. I feel that learning about all aspects of the media will help me to persue my career dreams. I go to the cinema on a weekly basis and my favourite genres of film are romantic and comedy. One of my favourite films includes Bridget Jones; this is for a number of reasons. With a cast of high profile actors including Renne Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, it is a must have watch. I feel that although the storyline is basic about her noting all the challenges and troubles she faces into a diary it makes for a great romantic comedy as her love life, family, work and friends are all documented. I am looking forward to making my own film as it interests me on how all the effects, editing and camera angles are a starting point towards a great film.