Opening Titles Activity – Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason


-The film opens with a book fold wipe and a close up of the diary.

-A dissolve links to the next scene. A long shot of the taxi can be seen here.

-An establishing shot of a house.

-A 2 shot happens when greeting.

-A high angle shot form the staircase down on Bridget and her mother.

-A close up of Bridget.

-A panning shot of the room.

-A close up of Bridget, followed by a mid shot and then back to a close up of Bridget once more.

-A mid shot of Bridget and a lady, a mid shot of Bridget and Uncle Jeffrey and then a close up of Bridget.

-A tracking shot following his hand, then a close up to her facial expressions.

-A 2 shot close up of Bridget and her dad.

-Shot reverse shot between the pair.

-Tracking shot.

-Shot reverse shot close up between Bridget and her boyfriend, followed by a tilting shot of his jumper. A tilting shot of her jumper.

-A fade, followed by long shots of the pair running.

A) Character types are established through actions and dialogue as the opening scene starts with the writing of a diary establishing what the film is about, with an epistolary of Bridget reading an entry from her diary.

B) The location is established by an establishing shot of her doing what she is talking about in her diary, going to her mother and father’s house. This is shown through a long shot of a taxi.

C) The narrative is constructed through a voiceover of her thoughts and feelings of the situation. She doesn’t look best please until she meets up with her boyfriend there.

D) The opening reflects the genre of the film as it is a romantic comedy and this is shown through her expressions of being put in this embarrassing situation, followed by an establishing shot of her and her boyfriend running along the fields, re-inacting a movie.

E) The opening is appropriate f a film of this genre as within minutes the genre has been established through choice of dialogue, locations and actions.

F) The first title to be shown is Universal Pictures and StudioCanal, followed by the production company. 2 minutes into the film the cast members are introduced, with the main character being introduced first with her name written in a font with love hearts and an arrow through on the ‘g’ of Renne Zellweger. Hugh Grant’s name is next with the ‘t’ written in the style of a devil fork. This states that he is the bad one in this romantic film. Colin Firth’s name is shown last in this title sequence, with the ‘i’ dotted with a love heart, showing the love match between Renne Zellweger’s character and Colin Firth’s.

G) In my view this is an effective opening as within 3 minutes of the film the viewer can understand the love matches between the characters through the way the actors have been introduced, such as the love hearts and devil forks. The genre is also noticeable through the way the characters act towards each other. The first thing we see is a diary which gets to the point about the film being based around feelings written in a diary.



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