Media Influeces

There have been many film influences that have helped me to proceed and plan my film. This is because more films have been made about stalkers of that genre then on television. I have taken shots and ideas from 3 main films and these have been persistent throughout my research. They are ‘One Hour Photo’ ‘The Roommate’ and ‘Fear’ and I have chosen these as they mainly fit in with my genre of film (Stalker/Obsession). Within my opening scene I wish to include a shot/idea I saw whilst watching ‘One Hour Photo’. This film out of the 3 chosen is closest to what I wish to produce when making my film. I have chosen to include this as I feel it expresses the genre of my film and main idea without dialogue and giving too much away.  I like the main character standing in front of the pictures of the family he is obsessed with. This is because of the non-communication but allowing the audience to view from his perspective. I have also chosen the soundtrack of my film which is from ‘One Hour Photo’ and I have done so as I feel the music choice fits in with my film genre and what it is about. 


Mood Board

I have been working on a mood board which gives a sense of what I have to achieve with my film. I have included screen shots of the films I have looked at and also a shot list which I wish to include in my film.


Love Lies Low – Animatic

I have been working on my animatic. This is so I can get an idea of how my film will turn out. I uploaded each section of my story board and began putting in the cuts and fading. I have added credits, the production company and music taken from ‘One Hour Photo’

Love Lies Low – Storyboard

In today’s lesson I created my storyboard for the opening scene of the film ‘Love Lies Low‘. It has been created over 6 slots as the film will only be 2 minutes long. I have included camera shots and the acting seen in each section. I have included the main features I wish to include, although further detail shall be added during the making of my film. The first part of my film will show a boy standing in front of his bedroom wall which is plastered in pictures from his old relationship. A panning shot will be in place which will then focus in on the boys back mid shot. He will then walk to sit on the bed which will show a tracking shot. Once on the laptop and over the shoulder camera angle shall be included to get the view from his perspective. A close up from the over the shoulder will allow the audience to see what the boy is looking at. He will then be seen on his phone which will then cut to a close up of the phone and the message he is about to send to his ex-girlfriend.

Love Lies Low

Love Lies Low is my chosen idea. I have named it this as the stalker is in love with the person he is obsessed with and he hides his identity and his passion for the girl. I feel this is the film I will be able to make without too many problems occurring whilst filming and preparing to film.  The narrative of the story is a boy obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. He has pictures of their relationship and her every move plastered up all over his wall. He sends her texts pleading with her but she chooses to ignore him as he is desperate to get back with her. She has moved on and has a new boyfriend. The girl dies as action isn’t taken seriously enough. The opening of the film will see the boy in his room with the pictures all over his walls and he will be looking through the messages he has sent her desperately wanting her back. There will be no dialogue as the actions shall explain the storyline in the opening scene. The opening also doesn’t include too many characters as I wouldn’t want the opening to be confusing for the audience. I wish to put music over the top of my opening to add suspense to the beginning but also as there is no dialogue I do wish their to be sound.

Film Opening Ideas

Today I started writing down ideas and planning plots for 3 film opening. I have to present all 3 and the best one will be chosen. My first film is Scream vs Severance in a horror/thriller genre. It would be set in the forest and would begin by showing the ending and then showing earlier clips. The second is Who Am I? and is about a boy ready a diary to find out he is adopted. It would open with a voice over of the boy speaking and then cut to him reading the diary. My final idea is Love Lies Low and the plot is that a boy is obsessed with his ex girlfriend and follows her every move. I wish the opening to give away the plot as in the first scene I want to show the boy’s bedroom with pictures of the girl, maps of where she lives and other items.


In todays lesson I started to design my logo for my film. I have decided my logo will be of an elephant and the name of my production will be ELETRUNK PRODUCTIONS.