Love Lies Low

Love Lies Low is my chosen idea. I have named it this as the stalker is in love with the person he is obsessed with and he hides his identity and his passion for the girl. I feel this is the film I will be able to make without too many problems occurring whilst filming and preparing to film.  The narrative of the story is a boy obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. He has pictures of their relationship and her every move plastered up all over his wall. He sends her texts pleading with her but she chooses to ignore him as he is desperate to get back with her. She has moved on and has a new boyfriend. The girl dies as action isn’t taken seriously enough. The opening of the film will see the boy in his room with the pictures all over his walls and he will be looking through the messages he has sent her desperately wanting her back. There will be no dialogue as the actions shall explain the storyline in the opening scene. The opening also doesn’t include too many characters as I wouldn’t want the opening to be confusing for the audience. I wish to put music over the top of my opening to add suspense to the beginning but also as there is no dialogue I do wish their to be sound.


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