Love Lies Low – Second Version

I have begun to edit a second version of my film. I have done this as I have included differences to my first edit. So far I have only added the flashback of memories from looking at the photos.


Love Lies Low

I have added my sting to the film which works well. My production company is ELETRUNK PRODUCTIONS and as this appears on screen, an elephant image appears at the same time as the sound of an elephant in the background. For this sound I used as I felt I would be able to find the correct sound which I was looking for.


Love Lies Low

In today’s lesson I achieved my goals of adding music and titles. I am pleased with my film so far as I feel it is coming together well and the music and title font tie in with the genre of my film.

Love Lies Low

I uploaded my filming to the mac and started a new project on FinalCutPro. I then started on the editing of my film. Today I have put all parts of the film in sequence, editing them so they fit together and I have chosen the best clips and merged them together to get a continual scene. It is beginning to look like a film, but tomorrow I plan to add titles and music.


Today I completed filming for Love Lies Low. I had chosen to do it today as I had to prepare – (available time and conditions, resources) When filming I took many takes to make the editing process easier having more takes available to choose from. I didn’t occur any problems whilst filming, although I had to position the tripod and camera correctly on the stairs which took many attempts.

Music Research

I wish to use something that sounds like the theme song included on ‘One Hour Photo’. I feel that this suits the genre of my film as the genre of ‘One Hour Photo’ is similar. I wish to use the non-diagetic music over the acting of my film as no dialogue will be in place.