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Newspaper Research Survey

Now I have conducted my newspaper research on 4 local newspapers of the south I will produce a survey to see what layout and style people like. This will determine the layout and type of newspaper I will end up making. All 4 newspapers have different aspects to them so it will be interesting to see what my survey will show and what different parts of the newspapers will be present in mine, depending on people’s likes and dislikes. I will be asking people from a variety of age groups to get their responses. This survey will help with my audience feedback which will be present throughout all my research.

The News, Portsmouth Bognor Regis Observer Bournemouth Observer Petersfield Post
Font Style
Advert Placement

Petersfield Post – Page 2

Page 2 of the Petersfield Post is headlined ‘Your Post’. There are 6 sub-sections which each have their own title (sport, news, feature, property, tv guide, supplement) and they are in a white font with a brown/purple background. Underneath each of these categories the stories relate, and the titles of these are all in bigger font and coloured red in order for them to stand out. Each section has a snippet of information relating, along with a photograph and the page number relating to each story. There is a letter from the editor addressed to the reader and this is talking about new features within the newspaper. The weather forecast for 5 days is situated on the right hand side, within a grey/brown text box. On the left hand side there are contact details for the newspaper , from advertising to informing of a story, as well as an index of what is in the paper. Like the weather, this is presented in the same colour text box. Along the bottom of the newspaper there is information on what’s in the paper next week. In a separate text box there is information on subscription details, with contact details on receiving discounts.

PP, page 2

Petersfield Post

The Petersfield Post is the local paper for Petersfield. The main colours on the front page are blue and red. The main story does not have a picture relating to it, although the story next to it is smaler and does have a picture relating to the story. The title is centralised and in red, and this primary colour makes it stand out and be noticed. The title is centralised, in lower case, and unlike the other newspapers I have analysed does not have a logo. The date is aligned left underneath the title, with the price (42p) and website on the opposite side. Unlike the other newspapers I have analysed, the Petersfield Post has an index page on the right hand column listing the main features inside. Below the title, but at the top of the page, the competitions can be seen. Also here is a follow up article from a previous day, along with the page number given in black. Adverts appear on the bottom right hand column of the newspaper. Stories are separated by either thick black lines, for the main headlining story, or grey thin lines to separate the title of the paper and also the other features. Bullet points are not used to locate the follow up story inside the paper. Instead the ‘page’ is capitalised along with the corresponding number. The headline and title or the 2 main items that stand out on this paper. This is because they are wither black or red and are very bold which draw attention.

Peterfield post front page

Daily Echo – Page 2

The majority of page 2 consists of the front page story. The photo from the front page appears bigger and is aligned to the right of the article. The font to go with this article is bold and black to make it a feature and eye catching. Along the left hand side a ‘NEW IN BRIEF’ column features small stories involving places near Bournemouth. The titles of which are bold and also in black, as well as the names of the areas being in capitals and black font. At the bottom of the page an index of what features in the paper is in a blue box to stand out from the black font. Contact details dominate the bottom of the page with email, website, advertising and other offices details. The ‘inside today’ is sectioned apart from the ‘contact us’ although appearing in the same text box. There are 6 main features in bold black font with the page numbers relating to the articles next to them. Both ‘inside today’ and ‘contact details’ are in a bold blue font, which is darker then that of the background.

B, page 2

Bournemouth Daily Echo

The Bournemouth Daily Echo is the local paper for Bournemouth. The main colour on the front page is blue with a picture taking up the middle section, and this appears to be dominant when looking at the front page. The title is centralised with the logo being in between ‘daily’ and ‘echo’. The establishing date of the paper is included in the logo. The publishing date, price (40p), and website are all situated underneath the title.  Like The News, the barcode does not feature on the front page. The headline of the paper is written in white capitals across the image. A film review is also on the front page with follow up story being inside, therefore tempting the consumer to buy it for this reason. Adverts appear on the bottom ride hand side of the page which use primary colours to be noticed. The offer of the advert is bold and is used as it has a similar demographic to the paper. Only one story is featured on the front page, unlike The News and Bognor Regis Observer. Journalistic interviews with celebrities is a feature on the bottom left side. This is in a bold blue box which stands out to different age groups of the paper. A simple black bullet point relating to the headline story tells you what page you can continue reading it on. Thick black lines separate the main story from the rest of the paper, which makes the story more bold and dominant. Competitions are not present on this paper, and the layout is simpler then that of the other 2 newspapers I have researched.

Bournmouth front page

Bognor Regis Observer – Poster

The poster for this newspaper is portrait and A3. This is due to being presented in an advertising board, so the advert will be widely available to the audience. It has a simple colour scheme of black and white. The name of the newspaper is present at the bottom of the page as the story is what captivates the audience. The title of the newspaper on the poster is similar to the newspaper, but lacks colour which the newspaper has. There are only words on the poster, and very few to make the headline short. The headline is in capital letters in order to stand out. As well as a poster advertising the newspaper headline, on the opposite side of the stand there was a poster for a competition the newspaper is holding. Alliteration is used as a device by the newspaper to entice the audience to take part in the competition. The competition is also aimed at a younger audience, who are planning a wedding or wish to be married.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 17.43.12

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 17.43.20

Bognor Regis Observer – Page 2

On page 2 there are 6 separate sections (inspirations, Keith Newbery, business, lifestyle, sport, the guide) of which are all the same size apart from ‘The Guide’ where there is a bigger picture, becoming the focus of the page. On the left hand side of the newspaper there are 5 sections, which stand out with a blue background behind the writing. ‘Get in touch’ has contact details relating to the newspaper, and specifically the editors. ‘Place and advert’ again has contact details but these are for people who wish to advertise within the newspaper. There is a very small index which has 9 stories the reader may be interested in along with the page numbers. Chemist times are present which is relavant to the age group the newspaper is aimed at, along with directions. The lottery numbers is the last thing in this column, and publishes the winning numbers along with the names of the winners. Along the bottom of the page local contact details for different branches of the newspaper, website details and what’s in the paper next week is in a blue/purple text box. Underneath this, cathedral services, tide times (which is relavant to the area) and the weather are present.

BG, page 2

Bognor Regis Observer

The Bognor Regis Observer is the local paper for Bognor.  The main featuring colours on the front page are black and blue. The title of the newspaper is central, with the place name ‘Bognor Regis’ being in italic and black whilst ‘OBSERVER’ is centralised underneath this. The italics connotes a higher class as it appears to be more sophisticated. Pictures relating to the smaller stories are smaller and aren’t the main features of the page, apart from the central photo which is large with little writing. The main story does not have a picture, and the headline is the main focus. Competitions are along the top of the page, between the title and main story. Advertisements are along the bottom of the newspaper. The adverts appear to be in keeping with the audience as the advert is appealing to an older reader. Also on the front page little snippets of what feature inside can be seen which may also appeal to different buyers of the newspaper. Stories are separated by bold blue lines and thin grey lines. Beneath the title of the paper the price, publishing date and establishing date are in black. ‘Inside today’ is a feature on the right hand side, with page numbers being allocated.

Bognor regis front page

The News – Page 2

On page 2 of the newspaper, the page is titled ‘Your news’. ‘Inside your paper’ features news, sport and a big feature. There is an index in a light blue text box towards the bottom of the page with the contents of the paper as well as the pages. There is a letter from the editor addressed to the reader. There is a big section about what is in tomorrows paper, and the writing for this is in a different colour (red) with a  picture of the comedian. On the right hand side of the page the weather is featured, with the sailing forecast. The world weather is also available. On the left hand column, ‘Get in touch’ is a feature. ‘Place an advert, get in touch, buy a picture and subscribe to the news’ are all under this main heading. Contact details for these are underneath. Offers are also published on this page, and reminders such as half price meals.

TN page 2