The News

The News is the local paper for Portsmouth, along with the Journal. The front page includes a cover story along with a photograph relating to the story spread across it. Local companies are on the bottom of the page and are advertised in different colours to the rest of the front page. Competitions are situated on the right hand side with a small part of a story also being on this side which features further inside the paper. Blue and red are the main colours on the front page with the main story written across the picture. The stories have a black bold subheading and the story seems to be written in Baskerville Old Face. At the end of the paragraph introducing the story the red box highlights the page number which is in bold blue capitals. Other subheadings separating the news from the competitions are in bold capital blue. At the top of the page the area the newspaper circulates in is in bold capital red. Another story is at the top of this page. The date of the published paper is in the top right with the price being in bold underneath. Their logo is of a naval ship as Portsmouth has a historic dockyard. The slogan ‘It’s all about you’ is bold and in capitals also in the same section as the title or the newspaper. Their website is situated with the title and is red. I feel these colours have been used on the front page as red is very eye catching and the blue is the home team colours of Portsmouth Football Club. Each part of the paper is separated by grey thin lines and each story stays within the lines, as well as the pictures. The font and primary colours used would appeal to the working class of Portsmouth. The paper has a style that suits the inhabitants of Portsmouth and their lifestyles. Contact details are above the master head. ‘Talk to us’ is the section, with the Facebook website and Twitter name paired with an image of their logos, along with the telephone number of the newspaper.The News front page


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