Bournemouth Daily Echo

The Bournemouth Daily Echo is the local paper for Bournemouth. The main colour on the front page is blue with a picture taking up the middle section, and this appears to be dominant when looking at the front page. The title is centralised with the logo being in between ‘daily’ and ‘echo’. The establishing date of the paper is included in the logo. The publishing date, price (40p), and website are all situated underneath the title.  Like The News, the barcode does not feature on the front page. The headline of the paper is written in white capitals across the image. A film review is also on the front page with follow up story being inside, therefore tempting the consumer to buy it for this reason. Adverts appear on the bottom ride hand side of the page which use primary colours to be noticed. The offer of the advert is bold and is used as it has a similar demographic to the paper. Only one story is featured on the front page, unlike The News and Bognor Regis Observer. Journalistic interviews with celebrities is a feature on the bottom left side. This is in a bold blue box which stands out to different age groups of the paper. A simple black bullet point relating to the headline story tells you what page you can continue reading it on. Thick black lines separate the main story from the rest of the paper, which makes the story more bold and dominant. Competitions are not present on this paper, and the layout is simpler then that of the other 2 newspapers I have researched.

Bournmouth front page


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