Petersfield Post – Page 2

Page 2 of the Petersfield Post is headlined ‘Your Post’. There are 6 sub-sections which each have their own title (sport, news, feature, property, tv guide, supplement) and they are in a white font with a brown/purple background. Underneath each of these categories the stories relate, and the titles of these are all in bigger font and coloured red in order for them to stand out. Each section has a snippet of information relating, along with a photograph and the page number relating to each story. There is a letter from the editor addressed to the reader and this is talking about new features within the newspaper. The weather forecast for 5 days is situated on the right hand side, within a grey/brown text box. On the left hand side there are contact details for the newspaper , from advertising to informing of a story, as well as an index of what is in the paper. Like the weather, this is presented in the same colour text box. Along the bottom of the newspaper there is information on what’s in the paper next week. In a separate text box there is information on subscription details, with contact details on receiving discounts.

PP, page 2


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