Advertising Possibilities

I contacted a local DJ in Portsmouth asking to use his logo, website, and contact details as advertising for the front page of my newspaper. There was no problem in doing so and he was happy to help. I can use anything I wish which is a bonus as there are no restrictions, as well as giving him extra publicity. He is a DJ for a club in Guildhall Walk, which is a notorious spot for students. I feel his advertisement is relavant and in keeping with my demographic and target audience of the newspaper. Now I have got the advertising for my newspaper I feel I am one step closer to making the front page.


House Style Possibilities

Master Head

  • Futura
  • Andale Mono
  • Corbel



Subheadings/ wording

  • Cambria Italic
  • Century Italic
  • Bodoni Svty Two IC TT-BookIta

Layout/ Picture placing

Large picture covering most of the front page


20p fortnightly

Newspaper Template – 1

For this template I have chosen to include various text boxes. The advert has been placed at the bottom, allowing for full coverage of the advert to be displayed. Various text boxes are present along the right handed column. I have followed similar formats to that of the newspapers I have viewed. I felt that the newspapers I looked at appealed with the layout. The only thing I dislike about this template is the font of the master head. This is because I feel it doesn’t connect with my target demographic, and doesn’t reflect the newspapers I had viewed previously.


I plan to get advertising for my newspaper. This will appeal to students, which may include restaurant discounts, club discounts, and drink promotions. I feel that advertising on the front page of a newspaper is a great way of appealing to the demographic. Advertising also helps with the cost of publishing the newspaper. The adverts which feature on the front of newspapers are display adverts as they include text, photographs, logos, and other information.

I feel that contacting a local DJ in the area of Portsmouth will work well with the conventions and forms of my newspaper. This is due to students going to night clubs and pubs. The demographic and target audience I am aiming at may be aware of the nightclub the DJ works at, therefore appealing to them to buy the newspaper.

Target Audience

The target audience for my newspaper is going to be students, with a demographic of D/E. I feel there is a gap in the newspaper market for a local student paper. In this paper I will include stories related to student events, university/college issues etc. Also included in this paper will be advertisements dedicated to the student. Clubs, bars and food take away restaurants will be my main focus for advertising. I wish to also include competitions which would appeal to students. The local newspapers I researched varied in price from 40p to 53p. In order to make an affordable newspaper I shall price mine at 20p, as well as publish the newspaper fortnightly.