Audience Feedback

Overall, the audience feedback I received from my finished piece was positive. The feedback said the newspaper appealed to the audience, and the inclusion of the advert makes it realistic.

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Front page completed

newspaper 7My finished product is similar to the conventions of a newspaper. The template has been altered from the original chosen one. This is because as I was putting the paper together I felt it didn’t fully work and wasn’t compatible. The advert has remained at the bottom, and the main story is taking up the majority of the page, but I did decide not to include a logo. Instead, I used the Spinnaker Tower as I felt this would relate to my local student audience. The Spinnaker Tower has therefore been incorporated into the title. I feel this is a lot more appealing, and is targeting my demographic. The features have remained on the right hand side as this is noticed when turning the page. I have included features relevant to students, like that of a student holiday as this would appeal to the audience.The colours remained simple, as the audience would be between 16+ and as they mature I wanted a classic looking newspaper, using minimal colours, or using colours from the same groups.


It’s all coming together…

I edited a photo from the protest by cloning the sky in order to fit my headline in. I decided to go for a white headline with black outline as this stood out from the image. The article has now been put into columns and features in a white text box, again for it to stand out from the picture. Things I still need to do to complete the newspaper front page is the master head, which still needs an image for the ‘I’ and some articles for the ‘Inside Today’ feature. I hope to get this done soon so I can move on to page 2.

newspaper 4

Audience Feedback

After beginning my newspaper front page, I received some audience feedback. The majority of people I asked said the font for the heading of the story didn’t appeal to the demographic so I will alter this. As it is only the start of the newspaper I had planned to make alterations depending on the audience feedback. They liked the appeal the newspaper had towards the demographic, and the audience feedback I received was from people in my demographic.

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Newspaper progression

After finding a story, I began writing an article based on the ‘Student Protest’. I have added a heading and the beginning and the article, although it is not yet written in the style of a newspaper. Now I have a story I have added the date of the publication in the top right corner.

newspaper 2


A story broke about a protest taking part in London. This was to publicise the issues with education, university fees and unemployment. I will be interviewing my student union ‘Havant College’ to discover if students here took part in the protest, but if not, to find out why.

Starting the paper

After starting the newspaper, I have completed the advert and part of the title. My earlier template helped me to separate areas, and the title is the same colour as another heading, therefore keeping the colour scheme consistent. I have also added bold black writing underneath the price, but still in the master head as this is the location of my newspaper. The advert is at the bottom enticing the audience, but the colour scheme here is different as it is an advert and not part of the newspaper colour scheme.

newspaper 1

Audience Feedback

The title of my newspaper is what should appeal to my demographic. I received positive feedback on the title as it gives a clear understanding to the purpose of the paper and its aimed audience. Changing the ‘i’ in life to an image of the Spinnaker Tower also received positive feedback. The title was still legible, whilst the location of the newspaper was now clear. The Spinnaker Tower helped set the scene due to it being a landmark and many people knowing about it.


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