Front page completed

newspaper 7My finished product is similar to the conventions of a newspaper. The template has been altered from the original chosen one. This is because as I was putting the paper together I felt it didn’t fully work and wasn’t compatible. The advert has remained at the bottom, and the main story is taking up the majority of the page, but I did decide not to include a logo. Instead, I used the Spinnaker Tower as I felt this would relate to my local student audience. The Spinnaker Tower has therefore been incorporated into the title. I feel this is a lot more appealing, and is targeting my demographic. The features have remained on the right hand side as this is noticed when turning the page. I have included features relevant to students, like that of a student holiday as this would appeal to the audience.The colours remained simple, as the audience would be between 16+ and as they mature I wanted a classic looking newspaper, using minimal colours, or using colours from the same groups.



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