Radio Advertisement

After having researched radio adverts the dayparting lineup I would focus on would be 6-10am as this not only has the most listeners through commuting, but overall that s when the most listeners tune in. The pricing of the advert would be in the 30 second ara. I was aware of this when making the radio advert as I wanted it to be in the lowest pricing bracket due to it being a cheap student newspaper. The price would be around £1,500 for a week slot at this time. I have used both diagetic and non-diagetic sound in the advert to appeal to students.

To conduct my radio advert I used a voice recorder. When editing the footage, I realised that the words would have to appeal to my demographic and persuade as their would not be any imagery to appeal also. Using the non-diagetic sound of the groups of people relates to my demographic, as students are united as a group by the title.


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