How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research and planning and evaluation stages?

Research and planning

For my research I mainly used the internet. News articles and other sources were ways in which I gathered my information for both my main task and ancillary task. I also used primary resources such as gathering newspapers form local areas in order to analyse. When it came down to planning, I used my primary research to help direct me. This is when I chose my template, after conducting a survey. I also had to email in order for my newspaper to have an advert, and find out further information from my college’s Student Union. After analysing the newspapers from my researching stages, I was able to incorporate conventions and forms from there’s into mine. Ideas were easier also after finding a newspaper already in circulation. 


For the construction of my main task I mainly used Microsoft Word. This was because I was able to produce my template for the front and second page. I also had a variety of fonts to choose from when deciding my headline style and my main body style. Photoshop was also used when editing the photo of the main image and of my logo. For my ancillary task I produce a radio advert. This was made using a dictaphone and was pieced together using FinalCut Pro. This allowed me to cut certain parts of my radio advert and assemble together. I also used non-diagetic sounds available from FinalCut Pro which allowed me to include relevant sounds. 

Evaluation stages

I used Web 2.0 such as Facebook in order to gather my audience feedback. This social networking allowed me to gain quick feedback. I used Prezi as a form of presentation for evaluation task 1 which helped me organise my information. A dictaphone was used again when recording my commentary. Using many different forms for my evaluation tasks allowed me to explore and present my outcome in various ways. Prezi organised my information allowing it to be clearly structured. 

evaluation 4


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